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Blah, stress


I guess I haven’t written in a while. It’s been a super stressful week or two. The biggest source of stress: scheduling.

So I’m staying one semester past graduation to finish some art credits for art therapy graduate school requirements. My first hurdle was getting a time ticket to register, since the registration office had it down that I was graduation and that was that. That process took a week, but I finally got my ticket and the all-clear to schedule for another semester.

Next: figuring out what classes to take. That took a week or so. I kept creating a potential schedule, but then would remember something that I had to leave time open for, or some reason I couldn’t take a class. But I finally got it, and with time open to continue doing my volunteering. Check.

Then I had to figure out how to register for them, as I did not have the basic art pre-requirements for any of the courses. I got into the drawing class I’m in currently by permission of instructor after submitting a portfolio. I thought that’s what I would have to do again. I spent a week and a half trying to get the art department to respond to my e-mails and get me the answers I needed. I literally went down to the department office seven times to try to talk to the secretary to figure out what to do, and she was never here. 10:30? “Oh, she left for lunch.” 12:30? “Oh, she’s not back from lunch yet.” 3:00? “She went home early.” 8:00 am? “She’s not in yet.” 1:30? “She’s in a meeting.” This went on for a week, then finally someone told me to go to another guy who’s an adviser for the art department. Went to him and he told me that I needed to fill out force-add forms. Force-add forms? I didn’t have to do that last time…

So I went and got the forms and filled them out, including all the reasons I had to take the classes and why other class sections wouldn’t work. Turned them in and the secretary (who was actually there as soon as I had gotten an answer!) and she told me she would e-mail me with the decisions on whether or not I got into the courses within a week or two. That was last Friday. Went in on Thursday to check and see what the status was on the decisions, because I’m really anxious about getting into the courses I need. They’re not making decisions until APRIL 22ND, after everyone has already scheduled. So not a week or so — three weeks. I seriously almost burst into tears when she told me that.

Here’s the deal: I need these classes now, so that I can apply to graduate school on time. And I need all fifteen of those hours, or I’m behind. And I’ve already signed a lease to live in an apartment off campus for the next semester. So I’m here, no matter what. When I was first trying to figure out if I could stay another semester, the advising office made it sound like it would be easy and no big deal. If I had known that I would get this much push-back from the art department, and have this many difficulties trying to register and get into courses, I would have said “Screw it” and taken courses at a university close to home.

Blah. So I have to wait two more weeks to find out if I’ve gotten into those courses. The stress continues. At least my work load has decreased a bit — last week was my hell week, with presentations, research paper drafts due, and exams. Thank goodness all that’s done ^^ And yesterday my roommate and I took a roadtrip to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see the museums and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The museums were cool (especially the Children’s Museum! It made me wish I were still a kid!), and we went to Newport to get dinner before our time slot for the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls were a huge disappointment, though. The exhibit wasn’t set up well, and there was no regulation for flow through it. We were in there for an hour and a half and we barely saw anything. We did see the actual scroll, so I guess mission accomplished, but I would have liked to see more. Oh well, everything else was fun ^^

Hopefully I’ll find out about my schedule soon and my stress level will greatly diminish! After that I should be cruising to graduation!