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Alright, time for some updates ^^

Went back to my sports medicine doctor and back to PT this week. My physical therapist gave me a few more exercises to add into my routine (which, this time, I will make routine), specifically to work on stretching my psoas. My iliopsoas on my left side were super, super tight and tender. He tried to do some releases on them, and it was horrible. About the worst pain I’ve been through in sports med or PT so far (well, maybe tied with the trochanter/hip pain…), and now I have bruises and terrible tenderness, even a few days later. But hopefully the new exercises will help some.

I got to talk with my sports med doctor about my x-ray results. She said she’s not really that concerned about the degeneration of the symphysis pubis, since I’m not experiencing pain symptoms with that. But it is arthritis, and probably caused by the abnormal pelvic mechanics I’ve had for, well, my whole life, I guess. I’m just not sure what the implications of it are since I already have degeneration so young. But, I guess we’ll see.

With the hips, she basically told me what I’ve already figured out from research. Retroversion is where the acetabulum is rotated back, so the femur sits and moves in the socket abnormally. It also puts me at much higher risk for impingement and wearing down of the labrum. She doesn’t know how far back it’s rotated, nor how bad it really is, but both she and my physical therapist recommended me seeing a hip specialist. So I have an appointment with a really good one near home, but I can’t get in until September. Boo. But he’s a great doctor, and my symptoms aren’t terrible, so that’s not too bad. And, if something changes and they do get bad before then, I have the name and number of another doctor who I could probably get in to see much earlier. So I have a lot of options.

Basically, what I’ve been told will happen when I see this doctor, is that I might have to get 3D CT scans (which look freaking awesome) so that he can get the most accurate picture of what’s going on inside my hips. Then I have a few options, probably. Injections, which I already know make me flare up worse for a while and then don’t do terribly much, or an arthroscopic surgery to see what’s going on and what can be done.

I really don’t like the idea of surgery, but if helps or can fix something, that would be great. I suppose it would be better to do something now, when I’m younger and heal better, than to wait until I’m older and something more serious happens. I’ll have the time before I start grad school, but I don’t know if I would be able to fit both hips in in that time. I don’t know, we’ll just have to see what the hip specialist says in September.

Other news: I’m totally done with my roommates. I moved all of my stuff into my room (which was literally everything in the apartment), and the younger roommate is paying for the couch, as well as for some other stuff her cat destroyed during her time there. I took the electric bill out of my name, forcing them to pick it up and pay for it all themselves. I’m just glad that this roommate nightmare is over. Here’s to hoping that I’m done with roommates forever (minus possibly my BFF for grad school) XP

I also took my bookmaking class last week. Holy crap. My new favorite thing. I got all of my tools (bone folders, awls, micro spatula, waxed linen, knives!) and awesome paper and binder’s board and such, and am now making my own books! Currently working on a bound book of all of the cards that I got from my high school graduation! And I’ve been making really tiny books to put musings and such in, as well as mini books for fortune cookie fortunes! :’D I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop or something — I’d love to start selling them and doing custom books, but I just don’t even know where to start! No matter what, though, I love making them, and will keep it up!


Ever feel like you want to cut your arms off?


Ho. Lee. Crap. So today I decided to sand my six apple crates. I got them at an antique mall cheap, and I’m going to make this:

Coffee table! :’D

The other two crates will be used to make an end table. None of them will be permanently fastened, that way I can rearrange them if I want, as well as use them for storage and transport during moving. My crates will be stained darker, and the insides are going to be painted in greens, yellows, and turquoise. Let me tell you, I’m excited about this project. There will be a whole post about it once I finish!

But, so, the sanding. I decided to get working on them so that I can at least stain before going back to school, even if I don’t get to painting. I dragged them outside (in the 40ish degree, but sunny, weather) and got to work. It took me about two hours, but I get them done! They look great, and I decided to hold off on staining since it was getting late. I went in, sat around for a bit, ate dinner, and then realized…my arms hurt.

Holy. Crap. Do they hurt. Not, like, nomal post-exercise hurt, but like I-want-to-rip-my-arms-off-to-stop-the-agony hurt. This has only happened to me once before, my sophomore year after I had worked out on the bike. That time it was my legs, and I spent several hours in my dorm room crying (I almost never cry from pain) and alternating between laying down and limping around, unable to keep my legs still. My roommates were out studying, and I ended up calling my doctor at like one in the morning, trying to figure out what to do. This time it’s just as bad.

I realized, though, that this is the first time that I’ve done any sort of strenuous exercise since my doctor cut my Lyrica back. I’m already seeing the impossible dilemma — memory or pain? Do I decrease my meds and get my memory back, but have increased pain levels, or to I go back up and have more memory problems, but less pain? Or do I try a different medication entirely?  This is what I was afraid of what she first reduced it, and now I’m seeing my fears come to life.

An extremely hot bath didn’t do anything for the pain, really (although it was nice — especially once I realized that if I just put my Nook in a bag, I could still read in the tub, even with my arms pretty much submerged. Score!), and I know I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight with it like this. I’m strongly considering taking some Lortab that my sister got from when she had tonsillitis (which, okay, can we talk about this for a minute? I’m in pain pretty much 24/7, and I get almost unbearable flare-ups, and I can’t get anything stronger than ibuprofen, and she has a bit of tonsillitis, goes to the ER, and they give her narcotics. Wut.). I did that once before, after a pelvic floor PT session when all of my muscles were spasming and I could barely move. It sure zaps the pain, but it makes me feel a bit loopy, and then ill a few hours later. But even that seems like a good trade-off right now. Ugh.

Oh, and quick update on my sports medicine/PT visit. Went today for PT. It was kind of odd. He did some stuff with me, had me do a few things to assess range of motion, and then gave me some exercises and was like “Make another appointment if you think you’ll need it!” What? I mean, I guess I’ve never had limb-related physical therapy before, but aren’t you supposed to meet more than…once? I’m going to do all the exercises, but I’m not sure how much good they’ll do, especially when I’m not getting at least some feedback about if I’m doing them right, etc. I guess we’ll see, though.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get this pain under control so that I can get to sleep tonight!

Get yo’self under control, body


Meh. That pretty much sums up today. I went to bed fairly early last night so that I could get a good’s nice sleep and be up super early for my eight AM class. That plan didn’t go well. I spent the entire night alternating between sweating from just a sheet and getting horrible chills when I threw the sheet off (often within seconds), in addition to nearly getting sick. I managed to find my thermometer on my night stand (with minimal knocking of things off, for once) to monitor myself during the night. Average temperature of the night: about 95.8 degrees. What?!

I really, really don’t understand my body. Incredibly low temperature…but sweats at the same time? The chills make sense, the sweats do not. My temperature has gone back up a bit over the course of the day, but it’s still a degree or so lower than usual (I’m normally at about 97.9-98.4 degrees). It feels like I have a fever, but I don’t. I’m really low. I just don’t get it.

I’ve also been having neck pain on the right side for the past day or so, and have thought that it might be lymph-node related. It hurts with my pulse, and comes and goes in waves. Feeling around a bit, it feels like that side might be a bit swollen around the muscle, but I’m not very good at judging those types of things. I’ve also had a bit of intermittent flank pain (right side) and cloudy urine for the past week or so. I almost brought up the cloudy urine with my doctor, but I was already unloading a bunch of things on her, so I thought that one was less important and pushed it aside for the moment. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done that. I haven’t noticed anything in my diet that could be causing an increase in the cloudiness, and I’m worried that it could be protein. I dunno.

I’m strongly resisting going to the student health center. For one, they’re completely incompetent. The last few times I’ve gone for things, it was a total waste of my time. But, at the same time, this could be something a bit more serious that I shouldn’t ignore (especially considering the cloudy urine and bit of pain). I’m usually a “better safe than sorry” person, but there’s another factor. If I go in thinking that I could have something like a kidney infection, this will be I think the fifth time I’ve had a false alarm on kidney-related issues. Every other time, I’ve gone in with kidney infection-like symptoms and they’ve found nothing. I feel like it’s worthless to try to go in again. They’ll just find nothing and send me home with instructions to use my heating pad. I hate that feeling of being sent away with no answers and more questions.

And my fibro is also flaring up again. I’m worried that this reduction of my meds is going to cause a lot of problems. I spent an hour or two feeling like my right arm was in a vice and being stabbed. It’s abated for now, but who knows where it will roam next?

Meh. I dunno. I guess I’ll see how I do tonight and in the morning, and then decide whether or not to make an appointment. In the mean time, I’ll just keep watching television (got to see all of Fried Green Tomatoes this afternoon — love that movie! — and am now watching I (Almost) Got Away With It — again, meh), sitting with my heating pad to try to put a stop to this horrible fibro flare-up, and fretting about the classes that I’ve missed today. I tried e-mailing my professors to explain the situation and try to figure out what to do about the drawing and the paper that I had due today, but I’ve gotten no replies. Hopefully my assignments will be accepted, and hopefully I’m getting worried about nothing health-wise! I just really need someone to force my body back in line and stop this nonsense. Kidney infections? Ain’t nobody got time for that.