PT again (yay :| )


Well, I went to my sports medicine appointment today. The verdict: more physical therapy. Not sure how I’m going to swing it this time — last time I had appointments on Fridays, so I was able to come back home (a two hour drive) without missing any class. This time, however, it’ll probably be twice a week. That’ll be interesting to figure out…

My doctor found that I have snapping hip syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome (also called Runner’s Knee, which I find funny since I avoid running at pretty much all costs). So basically that means that the tendons/ligaments of my hip are snapping over the femoral head of my hip, making the snapping sound and feeling. With the knee, there’s probably inflammation behind the patella, causing pain and popping. So I get to go to PT and work on strengthening my leg muscles and core. It’ll be nice to get my hips under control and stop feeling like a little old lady whenever I have to walk an sort of a distance, but getting this all scheduled without missing an absurd amount of class is going to be difficult.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

The appointment highlighted again, though, the problems with my right hip. When I was having my pelvic floor physical therapy, that side was really sore and spasmy. And now it’s like that again. The doctor had me lay on my left side as she pressed around the joint. It hurt like CRAP — really sharp and piercing. Normally I can take most pain and be able to hold still and get through it. Not this time. I was actually flinching away. And she kept pressing. Now, I know she needs to check around to see what’s sore, but that was ridiculous. It hurt so bad. I would probably put it around a 7 or an 8 — really high for me for something like that. Now, hours later, I’m still all sore. Pondering a hot bath later (which we just got a new water heater, so it will be a hot bath!)

Also super tired today. Last night was a bit long, as my cat (who has digestive issues and is on special food) was throwing up after being shut it in the room with all of the other cats’ food while the water heater was being delivered and installed. Of course, he stuffed himself. So then he was getting sick, which wasn’t too bad until he started vomiting blood. We ended up at an animal emergency 24-hour care clinic to get it checked out. It turns out it was probably just a blood vessel burst in his stomach from the force of the vomiting, and nothing serious. And once he was there, he was much more perky and apparently being a lovable ham with all of the vet techs. So he got some nausea meds and we were able to go home. But at this point it was already two in the morning. And I can’t sleep unless I read a bit, so I probably didn’t get to sleep until three or so. And then my cat was up at seven because he wanted food/out of my room. So I was up every hour or two taking care of him and such.

My handome guy :D

My handome guy :’D

I ended up not getting up until almost noon, and then I had to get ready for my appointment. Came back from that, ate a bit of a late lunch, and promptly passed out on the couch for two hours. That was kind of nice, but we’ll see how that impacts tonight’s attempts to sleep. Also super sore from all of this.

Not a horrible day, all in all. We’ll try to get these hips under control and go from there. Hopefully I’ll be walking a bit better soon!


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