Can you just keep put for a bit, please?


Looks like I’m in for a miserable night. The nerve pain from my arm has jumped down into both of my legs. Honestly, I wish it had stayed in my arms. Why can’t it just stay put for a bit so that I can get used to and learn to deal with it? Does it have to keep roving around without warning? Every time I figure out a good way to deal with the pain I’m having on a particular day, it’s suddenly gone and appeared somewhere else in my body. Please, just hold still and stay in your place. I can deal with arms, but legs are much, much more miserable, and a heating pad does little for nerve pain. I’ve taken a melatonin pill, so hopefully that’ll help me down, but I’m not holding out too much hope. When I’m just laying there, trying and failing to sleep, is when that type of pain is the worst. I can feel it shooting all the way down into my toes. And I can barely touch my legs without making it flare up even worse. I guess I’ll just read a ridiculous amount of the fourth book in the Wheel of Time Saga until I pass out from sheer exhaustion (I’ve read up to ten, but then I stopped and now I can’t remember what all happened so that I can finally finish the series! I’m going to be reading these forever!).

On the bright side, I did watch the first two parts of Parade’s End on HBO. Holy crap, can Benedict Cumberbatch act. I cried in both parts because of him. That man is absolutely delicious as well. And I adore everything BBC. I can’t wait to watch the next two parts tomorrow night, even if that means going to bed a bit later than usual. If you haven’t seen it, find some way to! You won’t regret it!

And now off to bed with me. Wish me luck D:


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